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Control your customer experience and manage your network

Available in 15 languages for your international network

active portals
user sessions per year


Consult your KPIs to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your customer journey quickly:


Compare results over time, by region, country, etc.


Detailed consultation and results sharing off-line


Export tables in Excel


Identify and manage customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction


Implement action plans


Facilitation module: interchange ideas with your network on the latest news, best practice, results, etc.



Multilingual: 15 languages available


Personalise colour and images


Personalise your KPIs according to your customer journey

CX First is a user-friendly and customisable platform which allows the simple, intuitive and complete results return.

With controlled access, distribute the right information to the right people to inform and manage your network.


Adapt the tool to your image to meet your requirements


Selective level access to data defined by you


Designed using widgets to solve your problem

Rapid implementation

Design and launch online in 1 month if data is approved by you


Responsive design and simplified data sharing

Alert and action plan management

Option of notification emails and adding action plans


Integration and analysis across multiple data feeds


Easy to apprehend for your teams

Monitoring of evolutions

Creation of personalised evolution charts