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Do you want to win your customers’ lasting brand commitment? Generate and activate your ambassadors? Co-construct tomorrow’s products and services to create new market opportunities with your customers and users?

Customer communities – what’s the point?

Communities let you get closer to your customers, listen to them, talk to them about different subjects and gain their loyalty.

Qualimetrie’s answer to customer communities

Qualimetrie can set up your customer community.

It can be private, public, short term or permanent.

Setting up and running a community takes time and requires a specific skill set. Who should you recruit? How? What activities should you have? What insights should you aim for?

Qualimetrie will support you through the various stages

  • Identification member/user profiles for your community
  • Member recruitment (pre-screening by email and validation of each profile by telephone interview)
  • Writing a facilitation plan (including rhythm and content)
  • Setting up the technical platform with our partner, Potion.
  • Community management
  • Regular analysis of content as well as final analysis with recommendations and action plans.

Qualimetrie’s value added for client communities

We use an on-line platform developed by 

Do you want to explore your customers’ expectations and behaviours, understand their mechanisms of choice and develop or test a new product or offer? Round tables or focus groups allow you to put the customer at the heart of your reflection to guide your strategic decisions.

Round tables or focus groups – what’s the point?

Customer behaviour is increasingly difficult to understand; our qualitative studies bring clarity which will guide your future development.

Round tables give the collective an opportunity to produce creative ideas; they offer a chance to explore expectations, unspoken issues, underlying motivations and sources of customer and consumer information and influence.

You can then refine or create your offer, services, customer relationship and message.

Qualimetrie’s answer to round tables

You can count on Qualimetrie to:

  • Give recommendations to best serve the objectives of the round table: selecting the participants’ profile, locations, adjust content and duration to create a good group dynamic.
  • Facilitate the round tables: recruit participants from among your customers and through other sources if necessary as well as logistics management (room rental, incentives)
  • Analyse results

Qualimetrie’s value added for round tables

Experience in running groups with the option, depending on the subject matter, of organising creative exercises or role plays to go further into ideas’ production.

(To go even further)…we offer the option of refining learning from round tables with co-construction communities or consolidating learning by a quantitative evaluation phase.


Measuring emotions and loyalty, what’s the point?

Qualimetrie’s answer

Qualimetrie’s value added

Personalise relationships with your customers and prospects. Identify different persona to optimise your message, practices and customer journey, and improve your conversion and loyalty rate.

Persona – what’s the point?

A persona study (buyer persona) consists of creating profiles of the typical customer and bringing them to life via a fictitious character (or archetype). Each persona represents a group of customer behaviours, modes of communication, similar purchase hinderers or motivators. Integrating persona to your company strategy allows you to adapt the message to advisors, communication (publicity) and the customer journey.

Qualimetrie’s approach to persona

  • Identify your current and future customers’ persona using a qualitative approach adapted to your area of business and activity (ethnographic observations in situ, individual qualitative interviews and focus groups)
  • Analyse feedback and create the persona 
  • Create an information sheet per persona describing who they are, their personality, their behaviour towards your product, their motivations and what stops them buying

Qualimetrie’s value added in persona

We offer a complete package to implement persona in your company strategy:

  • Validate persona with your employees
  • Measure performance using persona in your company

Qualify your customer persona to implement in your CRM

Do you need to validate a new concept, have a complete brand vision, manage a change process? The 360° survey will give you an assessment using 3 complementary viewpoints: customer, employee and company.

360° survey – what’s the point?

The 360° survey can meet several objectives:

  • Assess a new product (e.g. pilot store) or new projects (e.g. digitalising point of sale) to optimise future expansion.
  • Assess a brand or label that wants to re-position or change image.
  • Assess a brand or label that wants a better understanding of its current market position.

Qualimetrie’s answer to 360° surveys

Qualimetrie can combine different research solutions to obtain 3 points of view:

  • Customer: ‘hot’ and/or ‘cold’ surveys
  • Employee: survey of their perception of the brand, the shop, their role and changes they would like to see.
  • Company: Mystery shopping studies can be used to check that your customer promises are being properly carried out by your operational teams.

Such analysis gives a “complete vision of the customer relationship” which allows you to identify the differences between the varying points of view and implement action plans to change and improve.

Qualimetrie’s value added in 360° customer studies

Qualimetrie’s expertise and systematic immersion within your organisation allows us to design tailor-made systems: depending on your current position and development.