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Guide Customer Experience

Do you want to give your network an objective view of process compliance, whether in-store, by telephone, by email and/or on-line? The mystery shopper study allows you to measure and optimise customer journey compliance by involving all the stakeholders in the customer relationship.

Mystery Shopping – what’s the point?

Mystery shopping studies can be used to check that the promises you make to your customers are being met by your operational teams.

Evaluation is through predefined scenarios such as:

  • Mystery shoppers in-store
  • Calls and/or mystery emails to your customer service department
  • Mystery on-line chat

Indicators and reporting tools bring the customer experience to your operational teams and help them improve.

Qualimetrie’s answer to mystery shopping

As Europe’s leading pioneer in mystery shopping, Qualimetrie will support your system’s design and management. Gain from our multi-sector experience to:

  • Understand and translate your customer promise into a tailor-made solution
  • Adapt the programme to your area of business, requirements and budget (measuring charts, scenarios and frequency)
  • Design KPIs that suit your business
  • Benefit from multi-level on-line reporting tools
  • Rely on a local partner
  • Let us support you to win your teams’ buy-in

Qualimetrie’s value added for mystery shopping

In running our tailor-made campaigns, we draw on our own network of 45,000 mystery shoppers to select the right profiles for the research.

Aware of the potential issues that your teams and you may face (such as bonuses and challenges), we focus on quality control and results processing.

We have a team of 26 dedicated study managers. Working closely with the field manager, we guarantee proximity and reactivity in monitoring campaigns thereby delivering results and analysis on time.

Their extensive market sector knowledge is a real bonus when surveying your area of business.

Do you need customer feedback to identify reasons for client dissatisfaction and to capitalise on ambassadors quickly? Qualimetrie will help you implement satisfaction surveys and closely tailor them to your specificities: target (BtoB/BtoC); single channel collection (email, telephone, text message, website pop-in) or hybrid.

Satisfaction surveys – what’s the point?

A satisfaction survey involves giving your customers a voice for feedback on how they perceive your company and your offers and services. Analysing these returns allows you to prioritise and react.

Qualimetrie’s answer to satisfaction surveys

Implementing a client survey requires a multilevel skill set.

Qualimetrie will help you to set up a survey tool either as a One shot or ongoing:

  • designing your questionnaire grids
  • defining the conditions for soliciting clients depending on which channel is most suitable (email, telephone, text message, pop-up on website)
  • Setting data collection conditions (frequency, optimal timing and data processing)
  • Different levels of processing and analysis of returns

Qualimetrie’s value added for satisfaction surveys

Qualimetrie is a partner you can trust. We bring together optimal conditions to liberate your customers’ words and guarantee the best use of the time they give you.

Qualimetrie’s expertise and systematic immersion within your organisation allows us to gain your teams’ buy-in and to design tailor-made effective, realistic, and evolving systems: depending on your current position and development.

We act for the big players and display our singularity in ongoing processes which means that your teams can always hear the what the customers have to say.

  • Industrialise your campaigns (for example, exchange CRM databases via API)
  • Stringent quality control allows you to concentrate on your action plan, not data reliability
  • Cutting edge reporting tools
  • Processing and analysis of customer interviews
  • We can also invite your customers to share their responses in the form of “reviews” to help your e-reputation (for example, link your research to manage your e-reputation)

Do you want to know where you sit among your direct and indirect competitors as well as identifying market best practices? Benchmarking will bring you the answers.

Benchmarking – what’s the point?

Benchmarking brings you an overview of customer experience in your market place.

It also allows you to identify what makes companies stand out: best practices.

Based on these findings, you can plan your training and operational teams’ work in the short and medium term.

Qualimetrie’s approach to benchmarking

Working with you, we identify and select the leaders and challengers in your market who you need to position your company against. We also take into account other market influences on your customers’ behaviour.

1 – Qualimetrie carries out a customer perception study for each key factor such as reputation, loyalty and differentiating criteria.

2 – Qualimetrie then sets up the mystery programme (including shopping, calls, digital path and click’n’collect) to measure the fundamentals of the customer relationship, evaluate the process and detect best practices.

See the Mystery Shopping report

3 – Global summary: you, your competition and the best practices.

Qualimetrie’s value added for benchmarking

Our portfolio stretches across a broad range of market sectors and we are able to design simple and effective cross-channel programmes.

You are not progressing further with your satisfaction indicators and you want a simpler indicator to bring the customer’s voice to your teams:

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) gives you a clear and effective vision your brand’s reach.

NPS – what’s the point?

To the question “would you recommend this brand/label to a friend,” customers place themselves on a scale of 0 to 10.

The answers allow you to identify your ambassadors (those that gave marks 9 and 10), your detractors (marks from 0 to 6) and your passive customers (marks 7 and 8).


Your NPS is the difference between the Ambassadors and the Detractors.

In short: are you creating or destroying value?

Additional items and customer feedback allow you to identify your strong points, areas for progress and the drivers to customer satisfaction.

Qualimetrie’s approach to NPS

Qualimetrie will manage your surveys (email, telephone, text and website pop-ins) to give the floor to your customers in the best conditions.

We design and manage your customer listening process: from questionnaire design to results generation: on your on-line platform and during the presentation by your consultant and project manager.

Your on-line customer satisfaction management tool allows you to effectively diffuse and discuss the results and KPIs with your teams.

Qualimetrie’s value added for NPS

Given our broad market experience working with varied profiles (BtoC and BtoB), we have developed extensive experience in:

  • Designing effective tools
  • Choosing key moments in the survey (client insight)
  • Defining the conditions for soliciting customers (single channel or hybrid – email and telephone, for example, frequency, optimal time spent and data processing)
  • Automating your campaigns (exchange CRM databases via API for example)
  • Stringent quality control allowing you to concentrate on your action plan, not data reliability.

We can also invite your customers to share their responses in the form of reviews to help your e-reputation (link your research to manage your e-reputation).

Have you always wanted to know what is being said about your company, products and services on the internet?

Our social listening study lets you access a multitude of data which will open your options significantly in terms of managing customer experience and complaints.

Social listening – what’s the point?

Using social listening tools and/or managing customer opinions, you can discover everything that is said about you, your company and your services. This will help you to understand your customers, your prospects and more!

You can interact, respond to commentary and reveiws and manage your e-reputation.

Qualimetrie’s answer to social listening

We offer two solutions:

  1. Social listening
  • Qualimetrie will help you determine the key terms that you want to monitor (brand name, products, services and other key words). We then set the tool with these key words and connect to your own social media. From this we put together a dashboard which gives you a simple, clear and precise vision of the data collected. As well as the dashboard, you have access to an interface that allows to you guide, reply and interact with those people who have published something in connection with one of the key target words.
  • You will know who the top influencers for your brand are, what people like and don’t like and what provokes a reaction. You can then manage the difference communities on your social networks.
  1. E-reputation management (customer opinion)
  • Customers are able express themselves on platforms such as Google, Yellow Pages, Tripadvisor, Booking or even Facebook, to name but a few.
  • These spontaneous reviews can be just as much a threat as an opportunity at your points of sale. The volume of reviews submitted increases exponentially; management therefore becomes strategic.
  • Good management should obviously deal with dissatisfied customers and promote ambassadors. It should also encourage natural referencing and, therefore, in-store traffic and the click rate on your web shop.

There are various challenges:

  • detect opinions quickly
  • respond to them effectively
  • follow your e-reputation’s development

Qualimetrie offers innovative solutions capable of centralising customer review management via a unique platform:

  • 1 access for all your platforms
  • 1 dynamic library of responses
  • ultra-simple rights’ management to centralise (support services) or decentralise (point of sale) the response to reviews
  • 1 dashboard to follow performance (volume of reviews processed or not processed, response time and average marks consolidated acres the target platforms)

Qualimetrie’s value added for social listening

This solution integrates into your CX First reporting platform (widget).

Illustration: critics’ reviews are discussed among customers identified during “hot” surveys.