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Become one of our 45,000 French mystery shoppers

At Qualimetrie, researchers who go on mystery visits are known as “quality customers”.
Customer” for the role they play during a sales transaction and “quality” for the assignments they complete by improving customer relationships for brands.
When our quality customers are asked to go on mystery visits, they are contractually employed during the assignment, however short it may be.
Qualimetrie therefore complies with all employment regulations.

What does it take to become a mystery shopper?

Being a mystery shopper is a position of responsibility which requires certain skills and qualities: 

  • Ability to role play: depending on the visit, you may need to portray a personality without drawing attention to yourself and to react naturally in any given situation.

  • Sense of observation and the ability to listen: you must be attentive to all that you see and hear

  • Good memory: after your visit you must accurately report everything that you have been experienced

  • Sensitivity to quality of service: you should want to contribute to improving service quality.

  • Ability to retell an experience in writing or orally: you have a narrative skill with which to reproduce your visit and express what you felt, using the correct words and expressions

  • Objectivity and reliability: you must adhere strictly to assignment guidelines (scenario and timing) and meet your commitment to Qualimetrie (type up your report within the deadline, tell us in advance if you cannot make it and refuse an assignment if you have a conflict of interest)

How do I become a mystery shopper?

  • Do you want to help our clients improve their customer service quality?

  • Is research in your blood?

  • Then become a mystery shopper for Qualimetrie.

If you think you have what it takes, just apply. If your profile fits one of our assignments, we will be in touch.

Check your inbox at regular intervals!

The secrets of mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is an objective measure of the quality of a customer journey – the welcome, the advice offered, the sale – within a brand (shop, restaurant, bank, etc.). It’s the mystery shopper who does the measuring by making a visit and putting themselves in the shoes of an ordinary customer. Their role: observe a number of criteria (cleanliness, quality of advice, etc.) and evaluate them after the visit.

The aim of the mystery shop is to identify good practice and areas for improvement, to then help the brands to offer better experiences to their customers and optimise their relationships. It is not meant to be used as a sanction.

Mystery shopping can provide a source of additional revenue. Each assignment is declared and the mystery shopper receives a fixed term contract for each.

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