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Plenary The best digital tools to boost your sales

Join the Maxit Plenary that will present its digital solutions. Customer testimonials, use-case and insights for 2020.

Thursday, September the 12th, 2019
08:30 – 10:30

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Co-branded Qualimetrie – Vertone

Qualimetrie and Vertone, the strategic marketing consultancy, have joined together to bring you their latest report: “Consume better – Trends 2019”: discover the key learnings by downloading the infographic via the following link, and don’t hesitate to contact us to organise a full presentation.

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#CCB6 – build and retain clients: trends in loyalty programmes  

Paris 6 June 2019 and Lille 13 June 2019.

At a time when the client experience, both on-line and in store, is being rethought, it is important to consider the relational aspect with consumers. Loyalty can be strengthened by a more authentic and engaging experience from their perspective.

Does your loyalty programme meet their expectations?

Qualimetrie, Potion & Vertone invite you to a Customer Community Breakfast where it will reveal the key factors to make your loyalty programme a strategic brand differentiator.

#CCB4 & 5 – Client emotion at point of sale! 

Lille 31 January 2019 and Paris 7 February 2019.

As consumers turn away from traditional points of sale in favour of digital or alternative means of consummation, how can you generate emotion in-store to entice your customers back, build brand attachment and measure the impact on your operations?

Qualimetrie, Potion & Very Good Moment invite you to a Customer Community Breakfast on the theme of customer emotion at the point of sale.

#CCB2 & 3 – Transform your complainants into ambassadors!

Lille 18 September 2018 and Paris 18 October 2018.

What is your complaints procedure?
Which procedure should you implement to improve efficiency in complaints management?
How can you measure brand image after a complaint?
How to capitalise on new ambassadors to attract new prospects?

Emeric Bayart (Qualimetrie) and Antoine Leclercq (Potion) will reveal the role that client complaints can play in brand development.

#CCB1 – Engage your customers in 2018 with communities

21 June 2018

What is the added value of a community for your brand?
What are the strategies to motivate and engage your customers in the long term?
How can you integrate the community in the customer journey?

Emeric Bayart (Qualimetrie), Antoine Leclercq (Potion) and Geoffrey Boulakia (TSC) reveal the key factors that will make your customer community a brand success.