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Optimise your product image

Do you want to know where you sit among your direct and indirect competitors as well as identifying market best practices? Benchmarking will bring you the answers.

Benchmarking – what’s the point?

Benchmarking brings you an overview of customer experience in your market place.

It also allows you to identify what makes companies stand out: best practices.

Based on these findings, you can plan your training and operational teams’ work in the short and medium term.

Qualimetrie’s approach to benchmarking

Working with you, we identify and select the leaders and challengers in your market who you need to position your company against. We also take into account other market influences on your customers’ behaviour.

1 – Qualimetrie carries out a customer perception study for each key factor such as reputation, loyalty and differentiating criteria.

2 – Qualimetrie then sets up the mystery programme (including shopping, calls, digital path and click’n’collect) to measure the fundamentals of the customer relationship, evaluate the process and detect best practices.

See the Mystery Shopping report

3 – Global summary: you, your competition and the best practices.

Qualimetrie’s value added for benchmarking

Our portfolio stretches across a broad range of market sectors and we are able to design simple and effective cross-channel programmes.

Usage and attitude survey – what’s the point?

Today’s consumer is increasingly complex: omni-channel, nomadism, slow consumption… it is indispensable to know how your products are used on a daily basis.

By implementing a U&A you will know:

  • When, how and where your products are consumed/used
  • What makes people buy, or not buy
  • What the expectations of your product are
  • And more

A different in-store set-up, new packaging or a new communication strategy: so many opportunities for growth can be identified when you understand your customers’ or potential customers’ daily routines.

Qualimetrie’s answer to usage & attitudes surveys

We offer a complete package:

  • Perfecting the questionnaire, including an exploratory, qualitative phase
  • Soliciting our panel (500,000 individuals), with the option of identifying precise targets (based on actual purchases and socio-demographic criteria)
  • Complete and operational analysis

Qualimetrie’s value added for usage & attitudes surveys

Ultra-fast consumer feedback (1 week)

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How to fight against customer attrition?

Abandonment surveys – what’s the point?

Why did your customers leave? Which competitor did they go to and why?

Interrogating your lapsed customers will help you to understand what stops them and what makes them loyal, and it allows you to take corrective action.

Qualimetrie’s answer to abandonment surveys

We offer a complete package:

  • Drafting the questionnaire
  • Contacting your lapsed customers (by phone or email):

>> either based on your customer databases, where you will have identified your inactive customers.

>> or via our consumer panel

Qualimetrie has an exclusive partnership with Casino MAX which means that we have a panel of 500,000 individuals to choose from. The panel is based on socio-demographic criteria (age, sex, residence, etc) but mainly on their actual purchases.

It is therefore easy to identify and question your lapsed customers based on your EAN (European Article Numbers).

Qualimetrie’s value added for abandonment surveys

A large panel based on actual purchases

Fast implementation and operational analysis, all while staying within a managed budget

What is your brand’s worth in the eyes of your consumers or prospects?

An image or reputation barometer – what’s the point?

In a hyper-competitive market, it is vital that your brand is present in your consumers’ minds and that it is associated with well-specified image.

Measuring and tracking brand perception (from spontaneous reputation, going specifically to buy, or preference) allows you to:

  • identify brand strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition
  • identify targets to work on
  • convince and recruit potential customers
  • work on brand preference
  • measure the impact of your communications on brand perception
  • and more.

Qualimetrie’s answer to the image or reputation barometer

Fast implementation and operational analysis, all while staying within a managed budget

Do you want to give your network an objective view of process compliance, whether in-store, by telephone, by email and/or on-line? The mystery shopper study allows you to measure and optimise customer journey compliance by involving all of the stakeholders in the customer relationship.

How effective are your communication campaigns?

Before/after tests – what’s the point?

Test your communication materials and edit creations if necessary before launch and so limit risk: check understanding and relevance as well as perception of visuals.

The pre-test can be qualitative or quantitative depending on what stage your project is at.

After the campaign, the post-test allows you to measure how effective the communication has been in a quantitative way (recognition, attrition, approval, brand image and intention to purchase): has the campaign reached its objectives?

Qualimetrie’s answer to before/after tests

Fast implementation via our panel of 500,000 individuals and operational analysis, all while staying within a managed budget.

Do you want to know if you should continue development of your concept (for example, a shop, product or service)?

Proof of concept – what’s the point?

Before commercialising or expanding your concept, check its relevance with your consumers/customers and avoid wasted investment.